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There is always something new to learn about music, especially about rhythm guitar and harmony. Watch this lesson and learn how we can use inversions, moving voices and altered chords to accompany a melody the way it deserves to be. Let’s dig a little deeper into the 3 string approach that we’ve discussed in the lesson Rhythm On 3 Strings and discover even more possibilities for our practice and application of this technique. Getting Around The Neck This lesson will shed light on the fretboard and you will begin to make connections to everything you already know regardless of level and style as well as making you a better rhythm guitarist. Musicians will enjoy playing with you and you’ll get the gig. I invite you to join me in this lifelong journey of fretboard discovery!

125 minutes – Level 2/3 – Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

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Getting Around the Neck with Vinny Raniolo

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